Tribute Set – Black

About TRIBUTE Coffee Set

Ideal for coffee lovers, this stylish TRIBUTE coffee set means you can enjoy perfectly brewed coffee everyday, whether you’re relaxing at home or on-the-go with a busy schedule. Coffee connoisseurs agree that freshly ground coffee reigns supreme.

So the first step to delicious coffee is the BISTRO electric coffee grinder. Transform your beans from coarse to fine at the touch of a button. You have ultimate control to get your beans exactly as you like them, with a choice between pulse action and continuous grind, and a transparent lid for quality control.

French press coffee makers are renowned for making full-bodied, aromatic coffee. Simply add freshly ground beans and hot water, wait four minutes, and press the plunger. Not only will your reinvigorating cup of coffee taste amazing, it’s also great for the environment – make taste, not waste is BODUM’s motto, after all. This generous stainless steel TRIBUTE coffee maker has a 1-litre capacity, so it’s ideal for sharing with family and friends.

Perfect for today’s busy lifestyle, the double wall travel mug means you can take your perfectly brewed cuppa with you, wherever you go. Its double-wall design ensures coffee stays hot, while the silicone band is safe and comfortable to hold. Just make sure you keep it upright for safety reasons.

The Set contains:

  • BISTRO Electric Coffee Grinder (stainless steel, plastic and rubber)
  • 1.0l TRIBUTE Coffee Maker (stainless steel, plastic and silicone)
  • 0.35l Travel Mug (plastic, rubber and silicone)

USD $140.00