Master of Mixes – Salt 8oz

Use this Master of Mixes 8 oz. margarita rimming salt to enhance the presentation and flavor of your specialty margaritas with just one dip of your glass! Made with pure, 100% kosher flake salt, these coarse salt crystals provide the ideal flavor contrast to any margarita, tequila shot, or tropical summer cocktail. Salt helps brighten and balance the sweet and sour flavors of cocktails, particularly in citrus drinks, to enhance the overall drink experience. Simply moisten the rim of your margarita glass with lime juice, place the outside of the rim into the salt and rotate until it is evenly coated, pour your prepared beverage into the glass, and serve!

Designed with the mixologist in mind, this sturdy tub features a tightly-sealing lid to ensure that your salt will remain dry, so there’s no need for storing in a separate container. This convenient 8 oz. container can even be used directly as a glass rimmer – it’s the perfect size and shape for dipping glasses without having to use an alternate rimming dish. You can even upscale your presentation and cocktail’s flavor by mixing with lemon, lime, or orange zest!


12 per case

Master the art of cocktail creation with Master of Mixes! The company sources their ingredients from the world’s premier growing regions to ensure they are using only the best-tasting flavors to create their quality products. Best of all, Master of Mixes doesn’t just stop at its recipes – their products feature user-friendly packaging to ensure every step of the cocktail-making process is smooth and efficient. A well-trusted brand among consumers for good reason, Master of Mixes products makes it easy for your bartenders to craft high-quality cocktails with minimal effort!

USD $24.00