Agalima Margarita

All natural ingredients and vegan. Certified ORGANIC by Oregon Tilth. Agalima was created with a few things in mind: making an authentic product using only fresh organic ingredients, the history of classic cocktails from the world over and the stories we have unearthed as cocktail lovers and innovators. From the recipes that evolved over generations, to the soil and climate where each drink originated, to the glass you’re holding in your hand, every cocktail tells a story. With Agalima, we bring those stories to life with products that connect you to the freshest and most authentic organic ingredients.
  • EXPERIENCE AUTHENTIC MARGARITA: Agalima Organic, All Natural Margarita Mix in a 1 Liter glass bottle
  • OUR INGREDIENTS: Single-pressed limes and Jalisco blue agave nectar will give your cocktails a refreshing, just-squeezed taste—the perfect partner for all of your boozy beverages.
  • ALL NATURAL: Let nature take its course – Agalima will naturally take on a golden hue as it ages and pulp will gradually settle. Just shake and enjoy!
  • PERFECT AUTHENTIC MARGARITA: Combine 2 Oz of tequila, with 4 Oz Agalima, shake well with ice and serve in a salt-rimmed glass.

6 bottles per case

USD $78.00